Using Learning Dashboards for Ongoing Assessment

Welcome to the course on "Using Learning Dashboards for Ongoing Assessment." In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial for organizations to have effective tools for monitoring and evaluating the progress of their training and development initiatives. Learning dashboards have emerged as a valuable resource for this purpose, providing real-time insights into learner performance and engagement. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of learning dashboards and their role in ongoing assessment, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to leverage this technology for improved learning outcomes.

The course begins with an introduction to learning dashboards, exploring their definition, purpose, and the importance of their use in workplace training and development. You will gain insights into the features of learning dashboards, including dashboard design and layout, types of data displayed, and interactivity and customization features. Furthermore, the course will delve into the role of learning dashboards in measuring learning outcomes, covering quantitative assessment, qualitative assessment, longitudinal assessment, and comparative assessment. Additionally, you will learn best practices for using learning dashboards for assessment, such as setting clear and measurable learning objectives, regularly updating and reviewing dashboard data, engaging learners in self-assessment and reflection, and using dashboard data to inform decision-making and planning. The course will also present case studies of successful implementation of learning dashboards for assessment in various industries, offering valuable lessons learned and key takeaways. Finally, you will explore future trends in learning dashboards and assessment, including integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning, personalization and adaptive learning, and data privacy and security considerations. Get ready to enhance your knowledge and skills in using learning dashboards for ongoing assessment!