The Beginner's Guide to Creating a Mixed Media Collage

Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Creating Mixed Media Collages! This course is designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of mixed media collage art and provide you with the skills and knowledge to create your own unique pieces.

In the first section of the course, we will dive into what exactly a mixed media collage is. We will explore the different elements and techniques that make up a collage, including the use of various materials such as paper, fabric, found objects, and more. You will learn how to combine these materials to create visually stunning and meaningful compositions.

But why should you consider exploring mixed media collages? That brings us to the next topic - the benefits. Mixed media collage art allows for endless creativity and self-expression. It is a versatile art form that encourages experimentation and the use of unconventional materials. Through this course, you will discover how collages can serve as a form of storytelling, a means of personal expression, and a tool for therapeutic art-making.

In the next section of the course, we will focus on gathering materials. You will learn about various sources where you can find materials for your collages, including junk mail, thrift stores, recycle centers, craft/hobby stores, and scrapbook stores. We will also discuss materials