Overcoming Resistance to Coaching

Welcome to the course on Overcoming Resistance to Coaching. Coaching is a powerful tool for personal and professional development, but it is not always met with open arms. Resistance from the coachee can hinder the effectiveness of the coaching relationship and impede progress. In this course, we will delve into the concept of resistance in coaching, its impact, and most importantly, how to identify and overcome it.

We will start by defining resistance in the context of coaching and understanding its importance. By exploring common signs and causes of resistance, you will develop the ability to recognize it in coaching relationships. You will also learn about the impact of resistance on coaching effectiveness and various techniques to overcome it, such as building trust and rapport, effective communication skills, and conflict management strategies. Through case studies and practical applications, you will have the opportunity to apply these techniques in real-life scenarios and assess their effectiveness. Additionally, we will provide you with resources, including recommended books, articles, and research on resistance in coaching, as well as relevant tools and technologies to assist in overcoming resistance. By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of resistance in coaching and the skills to effectively address and overcome it in your coaching practice.