This training aims to provide a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the legal obligations of Letshego under the FIA Act (Sec. 11-17) and the necessary measures to ensure compliance. By the end of the course, learners should be familiar with the AML Compliance programme, customer identification and due diligence, risk assessment, and suspicious transactions identification and reporting.

Participants will understand the importance of maintaining high standards and integrity during staff recruitment and how to conduct enhanced due diligence. They will gain proficiency in monitoring and reporting complex and large transactions, as well as maintaining records for a minimum of 20 years.

Furthermore, learners will explore the processes and procedures already in place, including the roles and responsibilities of the AML Compliance Officer, AML/CFT policy, the RBA draft, KYC monitoring, and the SIRON system. They will also gain familiarity with the annual staff training program, the approval process for PEPs, and the annual PEP relationship review.

Lastly, the course will provide insight into the integration of core system and SIRON, utilization of the GoAML portal, and the importance of the annual audits of AML & compliance functions by EY & GIA. The course will provide practical insights through a review of the enhancements made to the core banking system (additional data fields) and will prepare participants for future projects to commence regarding system integration.

Overall, this course will ensure learners possess the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a secure and compliant banking environment under the FIA Act.

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