How to Work Magic on Your No Limit Poker Opponents (Poker Tips and Tricks)

Positional Houdini Will Leave Your Opponents Frustrated, Broke and Hopeless….

If there’s a simpler, faster, more predictable way to crush players who never fold their blinds, I dunno what it is?
In "How to Bust Big Blind Flatters"...


…With Positional Houdini.

Rather than taking months or years studying Pio Solver ranges.
And weeks memorizing pre flop charts.

Most folks take months or YEARS to become winning players.

We don't play dat!

The secret is to play a SOLID STRATEGY that MAXIMIZES your wins and EVEN BETTER if…
…it MINIMIZES your losses.

Play in the right position and against the opponent.

We don't need to "stack the whole table", just target the right fish.

So here's where you come in?

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*Julie is crushing her 1-2 NL game at a poker room in Michigan.
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The winning sessions piled up.
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**A leak stopping C-Bet strategy, you can clone in minutes from now saving your stack for more expected value.
(I explain why.)
**A multi-way pot blueprint you can implement starting tonight to crush passive limp callers.
**A big blind strategy that prints money as easily as the Federal Treasury.

There's a heap more too…

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Alexander Fitzgerald

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