Facilitative Leadership for Conflict Resolution

Welcome to the course on Facilitative Leadership for Conflict Resolution. In this course, we will explore the fundamental principles and practical applications of facilitative leadership in the context of conflict resolution and negotiation. We will delve into the importance and benefits of facilitative leadership in resolving conflicts, as well as the key skills and techniques required to effectively lead and facilitate the resolution of conflicts in various settings.

Facilitative leadership is a leadership approach that emphasizes collaboration, open communication, and problem-solving to guide individuals or groups towards a common goal. Throughout this course, we will examine the definition and overview of facilitative leadership, its significance in conflict resolution, and the key principles that underpin this leadership approach. By understanding the core concepts of facilitative leadership, students will be equipped with the foundational knowledge to effectively lead and facilitate conflict resolution processes.

In addition, this course will provide a comprehensive understanding of conflict resolution and negotiation, including the different types and causes of conflicts, the principles and process of negotiation, and the role of leadership in conflict resolution and negotiation. Students will also learn essential skills such as active listening, empathy, problem-solving, and decision-making, as well as facilitative leadership techniques for conflict resolution. Through case studies, role-play scenarios, and personal reflection, students will have the opportunity to apply and develop their facilitative leadership skills in practical situations. Furthermore, we will explore the future of facilitative leadership in modern organizations, including the challenges and opportunities for facilitative leaders, and the importance of continuing professional development in this field. Join us on this journey to become effective facilitative leaders in conflict resolution and negotiation.