Ethics and Boundaries in Advanced Coaching

Welcome to the course on Ethics and Boundaries in Advanced Coaching. This comprehensive program is designed to provide coaches with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the complex ethical and boundary issues that arise in the coaching profession. Throughout this course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the ethical responsibilities of a coach, learn to establish and maintain boundaries in coaching relationships, and explore advanced coaching techniques while upholding ethical standards.

The first part of the course focuses on Understanding Ethics in Coaching. Participants will delve into the overview of coaching ethics, examining the ethical responsibilities of a coach and common ethical dilemmas that may arise in coaching relationships. Additionally, the course will cover the ethical standards set by professional coaching bodies and the role of a coach in promoting ethical standards. Participants will also develop skills in ethical decision-making, learning the importance of ethical decision-making skills and strategies for making ethical decisions in difficult situations. Following this, the course will explore the critical topic of Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries in Coaching. This section will cover the definition and role of boundaries in safeguarding coaching relationships, techniques for setting and communicating boundaries, and strategies for managing boundary crossings and violations. Finally, the course will delve into Advanced Coaching Techniques and Ethics, examining how to integrate ethical considerations into coaching strategies, ethical challenges faced by advanced coaches, and strategies for navigating these challenges. Join us in this dynamic and insightful course as we explore the crucial intersection of ethics and boundaries in advanced coaching.