Advanced Analysis of Criminological Profiles: Development of Criminal Profiling Strategies


Sergio Pommier, Ph.D.
Professor in Criminology and Behavioral Psychologist
Professor at the Best Universities
United States of America

The Advanced Criminological Profiling Analysis: Developing Criminal Profiling Strategies course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of criminal profiling, its importance in criminology, and key strategies for developing effective criminal profiles. Throughout the course, participants will explore the definition of criminal profiling, its history and development, as well as the different types of criminal profiling, including geographic, psychological and DNA profiling. Additionally, real criminal cases will be analyzed to apply profiling techniques, interpret findings, and identify criminal patterns.

The course will also focus on the application of profiling techniques, the development of a strategic approach to criminal profiling, the integration of profiling methods and the use of technology in this field. Likewise, limitations and challenges in criminal profiling will be addressed, including ethical and legal aspects, as well as future improvements and advances in this field. Finally, the impact of criminal profiling on solving crimes, the importance of continuous training in this field will be examined, and a summary of the main ideas presented throughout the course will be presented. This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand, develop and apply criminal profiling strategies effectively in the field of criminology.

"The criminal phenomenon is not something isolated and impersonal, but varied, complex, and in which different parties intervene. In this Course we will analyze, in a multidisciplinary way, everything that involves the person of the aggressor and the victim, placing emphasis on prevention "